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Meeting Presentations

April 17, 2015 Monthly Luncheon Meeting

Due to an error at the facility, Ms. Van Compernolle and Ms. McAlister will speak at a later date.

March 20, 2015 Monthly Luncheon Meeting

Readmissions Impact on Healthcare
Dott Andrew MSN, RN, CCM, NE-BC

February 23, 2015 Winter Institute | Norris Conference Center

The Road Ahead-A Preview of State and Federal Legislation Impacting Texas Healthcare Providers
Catherine Greaves

Pumps & Pipes Uniquely Houston
Stephen R. Igo

Impact of High Deductible Plans
Edward Ladely

►"How 'Active Listening' Makes Both Participants in a Conversation Feel Better"
From Wall Street Journal, January 1w, 2015

Referenced by Jim MacIngvale

Accounting and Auditing Updates for Health Care Providers
Kimberly McKay

Affordable Care Act Changes
Brad Oxford

January 16, 2015 Luncheon Meeting

At Dr. Lin's request, presentation can not be posted. If you ar einterested in reciving the presentation, please contact sue.thompson@npscmgmt.com.

December 4, 2014 - Breakfast Meeting

Ebola: Insurance & Risk Considerations for Health Care Providers
Greg Daniels

November 21, 2014 - Luncheon Meeting

Advanced Analytics for the Proactive Management of Healthcare Benefit Costs
James Pritchett and Stacy Hodgins

November 13, 2014 - Breakfast Meeting

Ebola & Insurance
Jeffrey S. Levy

Ebola: Protecting Yourself, Your Workplace, and Your Employees
Jana H. Woelfel

October 17, 2014 - Fall Institute

To Affliate or Not to Affiliate: Why Doing Nothing Won't Work
Liz Alhand, RN, CPA

Technology Enabled Care
Robert Dudzinski

Physician Compensation Governance and Trends for Tomorrow
Sherry B. Fultz, MS-HRM, SPHR, CCP, CBP

Fraud Enforcement Trends
Scott McBride

Meaningful Use Audits - due to proprietary information, this presentation can not be downloaded
Bill Phillips

Translating Clinical Analytics and Outcomes into ROI
Rob Ddzinski, Kristen Geissler, Sally Raty

September 26, 2014 HFMA / HISMM Joint Meeting

Using Electronic Health Information and Strategic Analytics to Enhance Value based Health Solutions, Improve Care and Advance Care Coordination
Nathan Gunn, MD and Heidi Schwarzwald, MD, MPH

Building a Sustainable Healthcare System
Alexander Izaguirre, MBA, PhD

Big Data & Reduced Readmissions
Chris Myers, MS, RN, CCM and Anand Shah, MD

Digital Health in the Era of Reform
Shaun Rangappa, MD, MSHA

►Video used by Dr. Rangappa can be found at:
password: Healthy1

September 19, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

ACO Risks: The Changing Dynamic
Mark Karlson

August 15, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

Creating a Culture of Success Desire, Vision and Focus
Rhonda Dishongh

July 18, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

The Doctor is In(tegrated)
Joshua D. Halverson

June 20, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

The CFPB and Medical Collections: Unknown Territory in the Face of Sweeping Regulatory Change
Lauren Rosenfeld

May 16, 2014 Annual Meeting | The Houstonian | Houston, TX

Healthcare Analytics: Power Tools for Solving Today's Complex Healthcare Challenges
Felix J. Bradbury, RN, MSHA, ScD, FACHE

Values-Based Decision Making: Addressing Culture & Ethnic Nuances in Palliative & End-of-Life Care
Michael Sullivan, FACHE

Doctor-driven health care? Imagine that.
Dr. Catherine Gaffigan

►Christine Spray and the CEO Panel will not be utilizing handouts.

April 25, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

Federal and State Legislative and Regulatory Update
John Hawkins

March 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Healthcare Reform: The Movement From Volume to Value - What Is the End State, and How Do We Get There?
Jim Donohue

February 28, 2014 Winter Institute | "Lassoing the New Healthcare Frontier"

Population Health Management: Clinical Integration as a Business Model
David James MD, JD, CPE

ObamaCare: The Good,The Bad and The Ugly
Ralph Lawson, FHFMA, CPA

Leadership in Turbulent Times
George Masi

Building the Billion Dollar Company
Richard Scrushy

ACA, ACO, the Current Status of Healthcare Changes
Dan Wolterman

February 18, 2014 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

The How’s and Why’s of a Patient-Centered Approach to Population-Based Healthcare
Emma Mandell and Joshua Halverson

January 17, 2014 Luncheon Meeting

Less Than a Year to Go...Are You Ready for ICD-10?
Michael Kaitschuck

November 22, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Leveling the Playing Field
H. Dan Johnston and Lynne Sassi

November 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Strategic Pricing
Jim Sink and Jason Durrett

October 13-15 4th Annual Healthcare Innovation Summit | Galveston, TX

It's Time for Our Checkup: HIT and Public Policy 4 Years after the HITECH Act
Nora Belcher

Fraud Prevention Strategies for Healthcare - A Forensic Accountant's Perspective
S. Todd Burchett, CPA, ABV, ASA, CFF

Revenue Cycle Improvement Effort at Scott & White: Lean, EPIC and our Merger
Alita Prosser, Penny Cermak and Steve Hoeft

HFMA: Leading the Value Journey
Melinda Hancock

State / Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update
John Hawkins

What's Missing from your Business Continuity Plan
Shelly Hunter

1115 Waiver
Katrina Lambrecht and Beth Cloyd

Patients as Partners: Leveraging HIT in a Consumer-Centric Era
Cortney Nicoloto, CPHIT

Collaboration Across Boundries: Achieving Smarter care and Outcomes
Harry Reynolds

The Courage to Lead
Jody Rogers

Leveraging Social Media for Real Business Impact
Elissa Wilke

Executive Edge
Kim Zoller

September 26, 2013 Breakfast Meeting

Value Based Purchasing and Independent Payment Advisory Board
Gregory Hart

September 20, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Finding the Way to Prompt Pay
Melissa Hield

Managing SB418 Prompt Payment as it Relates to AR days
Russell Mancini

September 17, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Innovative Solutions for Hospital/Physician Alignment
Josh Halverson

August 20, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

83rd Texas Legislative Update - From a Hospital Provider Perspective
Fletcher Brown, JD and Michelle Apodaca, JD

July 30, 2013 Texas State Chapters Webinar

Taking Your Financial Career to the Next Level
Magnificent Seven
Stefan Werdegar

July 19, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Aligning Collection Efforts with IRS 501(r) Tax Exemption Requirements
Paige Gerinch, CPA

June 21, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Anticipating the Health Insurance Marketplace in Texas
Karen Love

June 18, 2013 Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

Transitioning Physicians from Independent to Employed: Maximizing Financial Performance
Lucy Zielinski

May 17, 2013 Annual Meeting
The Houstonian

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare
Stephen J. Burrill

Healthcare Squeezed: Dollars, Deficits, Decisions & Deadlines
Susan Feigin Harris

See, Solve, Share...Lead
Pickney McIlwain, M.D.

Leadership Matters: Lessons in Change
Todd A. Nelson, MBA

April 19, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Creating a Revenue Integrity Culture for Revenue Maximization while ensuring Compliance
Micky Allen

March 22, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

How to Identify and Close Gaps in the Patient Experience
Karen Haney

2013 Winter Institute
"What's Next?"

February 15, 2013 | Norris Conference Center | Houston, TX

Ethics First
Aaron Beam

Medicaid in Texas: Current State / Future State
Ken Janda

Perspecive of "Medicare Health * Drug Plan Quality and Performance Ratings" (Medicare 5-Star)
Farrell Johnson, MD, MBA

Health Information Exchange: Vision and Value
Jim Langabeer, Phd, MBA

Healthcare Leadership: Thoughts for Your Foxhole, From Mine
Major General David Rubenstein (retired)

The Increasing Popularity of Whole Hospital Joint Ventures in Hospital M & A
Jim Shannon

Healthcare Reform and Memorial Hermann's Strategic Journey
Dan Wolterman

January 24, 2013 HFMA Texas State Chapters Free Webinar

501(r) Developments and Compliance
Paige Gerich, CPA

January 18, 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Moving Forward: Healthcare Reform in the President's Second Term
Greg N. Etzel and Adam Robison

December Webinar
11 Things to Know When Designing Your Self-Pay Collection Program
Steve Levin

Third Annual Healthcare Innovation Summit - Galveston
October 10-12, 2012

Bundled Pricing at the Texas Heart Institute
John W. Adams, Jr.

St. Luke's Journey to Meaningful Use
Jim Albin; Adol Esquivel, MD, PhD

Implementing Health & Wellness Strategies and Solutins for your Company
Carol Calvin

Malice, Mistakes and Misuse
Mick Coady

FY 2013 Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Final Rule
Steven Hand; Steven Frankenbach

Self Pay Trends
Garett Jackson

Improve Patient Perception of Care: How to Access and Launch Successful HCAHPS Teams
Frances Lerma, RN and Mary Ross

►National Update: 2012 and Beyond
Steven P.Rose, FHFMA, CPA

Texas Healthcare Transformation 1115 Waiver
Amanda Simmons

Taking Your Career to the Next Level
Stefan Werdegar

September 21, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

The Aftermath of the ACHE Supreme Court Decision
Susan Feigin Harris

August 17, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

Texas Medicaid: Efforts to Promote Quality, Efficiency, and Local Control
Kay Khahremani

July 20, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

Lessons Learned: Best Practices for Designing Accountable Care Finacial Systems
Daniel J. Marino

June 15, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

Creating an Exquisite Patient Revenue Cycle Experience - Growning Your Bottom Line and Market Share
Bobette Gustafson

April 20, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

What In the 501(r) Happened to Federal Tax Exemption Requirements?
Charity Care Policy
Keith Hearle

March 16, 2012 Luncheon Meeting

An Overview of Stark and Anti-Kickback as a Result of the Affordable Care Act
Michael Smith

Institute for Healthcare Financial Improvement
February 9-10, 2012

A Lean Approach to Audit Management
Dawn Crump

Medicare Advantage: Shadow Billing Impacts on HITECH
John Garcia

ICD-10: To Boldy Go Where Coding Has not Gone Before
Pamela Grozse

Panel Discussion: PPAC, Part D Donut Hole, Medication Management, Medicaid 340B Financial Impact, and Opportunities in Pharmacy Practice
Isabell Pacheco, Lisa Scholz, Ryan Roux, Dan Metzen

Physician and Patient Management of Health Care for Medicare or What Else?
Don McCormick

ACOs An Institutional (and a couple of others) Perspective
Ronald Walters

Health Care Fraud: Patient and Insurer Scams, Controls, Risks
Jeffrey R. Helton, PhD, FHFMA

Health Care Reform: Crossing the Glacier
Dr. Marc Boom

Healthcare Enforcement Trends and Individual Liability
Scott McBride

January 20, 2012 Luncheon Meeting
An Opportunity to Fulfill Your Mission
Neil Godbey

Note: Mr. Godbey has requested that if you email him directly after the presentaion if interested in receiving it. Please email admin@hfmatxgc.org to receive his address.

Special CMS Webinar
October 25, 2011

Texas Healhcare Transfomation and Quality Improvement Program 1115 Waiver
Maureen Mulligan; Kevin Nolting

Innovation Summit
October 19-21, 2011

State Health Care Reform and Financing: Doing More with Less
Charles Bailey J.D.

HIT and Business Intelligence Advancing Physician Integration
Brent J. Estes

Innovation in Service Line Development
Sandra Murdock

Space Medicine: Past, Present and Future
Dr. J.D. Polk

The Wennberg Variations:Tapping Opportunity
Michael McMillan

Electronic Health Records and Labor Productivity
Jeff Helton

Survivability in Reform: Winning the Game
Steven M. Berkowitz, MD

September 16, 2011

Texas Medicaid: Doing More for Less
Kay Ghahremani

September 13, 2011 Webinar

Customer Satisfaction and Self-Pay
Steve Levin
Webinar Evaluation Form
(please fax to�281.523.2723, Attn: Julie Rabat-Torki)

August 19, 2011 Monthly Luncheon

ICD-10 - To Boldly Go Where Coding Has not Gone Before
Pam Grosze

July 15, 2011 Monthly Luncheon

Leadership in the Reform Era

Raymond Khoury

June 17, 2011 Monthly Luncheon

Evolution of Process Improvement at The Methodist Hospital
Michele D. Dekelbakum

May 26, 2011 Annual Meeting and Conference | Houston, TX

Adapting to New Healthcare Market
Dr. Thomas Royer

ICD 10 Readiness Assessment
Christine Armstrong | Vickie Monteith

Just Culture:Engineering Better Options
Scott Griffith

Medicare Reimbursement: Making "Cents" of the Law
Dana Keefer

Medicaid In Texas
Ken Janda

April 15, 2011 Monthly Meeting l Houston, TX

Tactical Revenue Cycle Considerations to Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA)
HC Reform Map
Will LaBahn and Tracey Aegerter

March 18, 2011 Monthly Meeting l Houston, TX

Revenue Capture Strategies and Multi-Level Process Improvements
Dorma Kohler, MBA, CMPE

February 18, 2011 Conference l Houston, TX

Innovative Thinking as it Relates to Healthcare
Roberta B. Ness, MD, MPH

Shifting Political Winds: The Impact on the Healthcare Industry
Susan Feigin Harris

Healthcare Enforcement
Scott McBride

Just How Good Were the "Good 'ol Days?"
Beverly (B.J.) Huffman

Shifting Healthcare Economics and Managed Care
Michael Nugent

Survival Strategies Under Health Reform
David S. Lopez

January 21, 2011 Monthly Meeting l Houston, TX

Palliative Care Services: Completing the Picture of Excellence
Eileen Sampanes / Michael Sullivan

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